Friday, August 28, 2009

xxxxxxxi - Salam Ramadhan 1430H

It has been a very very long time i've never post new entry since last entry dated 15th July. Its nearly 2months.. huhu.. poor my e-diary. have to survive w/out his mummy.. where i've been for a very long time ??? actually all about my MIA is a bit bz with my virtual farm aka farmtown @ facebook.. :-D finally, yesterday i had completed my mission to achive level 34 and can buy mansion cost about 1Million to place at my farm.. yesss !! i'm being a millionaire already. hehe... hopefully after this i manage to update my e-diary regularly despite of a lot of works at office have to settle down.

Ohh.. today is 7th day of ramadhan already and i think is still not to late to wish all muslims out there 'Happy Fasting..' may this ramadhan will bring more benefits to all of us compared to last2 year n lets grab all the opportunity to make 'pahala' as much as we can.. InsyaAllah..